akkusativ makes electronic instruments for musicians and artists. They operate out of Pedal Markt in Berlin, Germany.

All Animation – dynamic effects mixer

All Animation is a crossfader, a signal router and an envelope follower. Use it to build your own dynamic effects and feedback machines: mixers, gates, auto-swell and tremolo effects. Control it using CV or Expression, or use it to control other CV-enabled devices.

All Animation is available through Pedal Markt.

What it can do

All Animation pedal picture from above


FADE lets you gradually crossfade between A RETURN and B RETURN signals. Use the range knob by itself or in combination with an expression pedal or a CV source to control the position of the crossfade.

The range knob acts as an attenuverter – the range of the fade curve is going to be zero when the knob is at noon. In that position, both A RETURN and B RETURN signals will be at 100% independently of the CV or Expression going into the FADE input jack. In the fully counter-clockwise position, CV values 0V to 5V would fade from 100% A RETURN to 100% B RETURN. When the range is full clockwise the direction of the fade is reversed.


FLIP lets you smoothly reverse the position on the FADE curve. 20–80 fade becomes 80–20, 45–55 becomes 55–45 and so on. The attack knob controls how fast the FLIP happens. The release knob – the time it takes to settle back into the original position on the FADE curve once the FLIP is disengaged.

FLIP can be triggered via the footswitch or via the gate input.


It is possible to CYCLE the FLIP. That way the pedal would move back and forth on the fade curve with the speed controlled by the attack and release knobs, the depth controlled by the original position on the FADE curve.


The signal router part of the pedal lets you send the input signal into two effect chains and re-route them with a flick of a switch. Possible routing options are:

All Animation also sports a second, always active output (marked A~B) for making feedback patches.


TRACE is an envelope follower. Use it to turn the dynamics of your IN, A RETURN, B RETURN or external signal into control voltage. Patch that control voltage back into All Animation to create gate, compressor and swell-type effects or send it into external gear.

Patching an external signal into TRACE IN gives you a sidechain: a way to control the Fade using an external instrument.

The sens knob controls the sensitivity of the envelope follower. The form toggle controls the shape of the TRACE output, the options are gate, continuos or trigger.

All Animation is available through Pedal Markt.


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All Animation pedal on the inside

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